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Large frame JDM hydraulic diaphragm metering pump
Large frame JDM hydraulic diaphragm metering pump

Large frame JDM-type hydraulic diaphragm metering pump metering pump Features:

The use of high-precision worm-worm drive and the company's original HG-A eccentric mechanism, high efficiency, long life.


  1. Unique transmission mechanism, strong resistance to wear;

  2. Built-in pressure release system, automatic charge system;

  3. Accurate measurement, static and dynamic can adjust the flow;

  4. Pump head over-current materials are: stainless steel, lined with F46 and so on.

Note: ① The series of pumps can be used in multiple series, the table as a single parameter.
② regardless of the pump work or not, can adjust the flow, built-in pressure release system.
③ with the motor: power: 2.2kw Y series of ordinary or YB series explosion-proof motor
Model: Y112M 1 -6B 5 YB112M 1 -6B 5 n = 960r / min
Or: Y100L 1 -4B 5 YB100L 1 -4B 5 n = 1440r / min
④ machine weight: 450 ~ 550kg