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Large frame 2JDM type hydraulic diaphragm metering pump series
Large frame 2JDM type hydraulic diaphragm metering pump series

Large frame 2JDM-type hydraulic diaphragm metering pump Features:

  1. The series of pumps for the twin-cylinder pump can also be used single-cylinder;

  2. Pulse small, smooth work, low noise;

  3. Unique built-in automatic charge system, pressure release system;

  4. Over flow material are: stainless steel, lined with F 46 ;

  5. Motor power: 2.2-4KW;

  6. Weight: 550 ~ 650kg

A number of proprietary technology to make our factory production of corrosion-resistant wear-resistant series mortar pump to achieve simple and reliable, cost-effective, easy maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection of multiple advantages for a variety of solid materials containing corrosive liquid, mucus and slurry Transportation, wet desulfurization, metal smelting, slurry transport of sulfuric acid phosphate , filter press distribution and sewage treatment

Note: ① The series of pumps for the twin pump, working pressure is smooth, but also a single cylinder to use, in order to stop maintenance.
② unique automatic charge system, built-in pressure release system.
③ regardless of the pump work or not, can adjust the flow.
④ equipped with motor: power: 2.2kw Y series of ordinary or YB series explosion-proof motor
Model: Y112M 1 -6B 5 YB112M 1 -6B 5 n = 960r / min
Or: Y100L 1 -4B 5 YB100L 1 -4B 5 n = 1440r / min
⑤ machine weight: 550 ~ 650kg