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Large frame JTM hydraulic diaphragm metering pump series
Large frame JTM hydraulic diaphragm metering pump series

        Hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps Hydraulic structure, the structure of the plunger, cylinder, cylinder head, inlet and outlet valves, diaphragm, three valves (bleed relief valve, limit valve, compensation valve) or built-in valve composition. Hydraulic oil and medium, so the diaphragm metering pump has the advantage of no leakage, is the transmission of flammable, explosive, volatile, strong corrosion, radioactive, highly toxic and expensive media ideal tool.  

        King frame JTM hydraulic diaphragm metering pump performance characteristics:

  1. The series of pumps for the twin-cylinder pump can also be used single-cylinder;

  2. Pulse small, smooth work, large flow;

  3. Unique automatic charge system, built-in pressure release system;

  4. Over flow material are: stainless steel, lined with F 46 ;

  5. Motor power: 4-5.5KW;

  6. Weight: 900 ~ 950kg .

    Note: ① The series of pumps can be used in multiple series, the table as a single parameter.
    ② regardless of the pump work or not, can adjust the flow, built-in pressure release system.
    ③ with the motor: power: 4 ~ 5.5kw Y series of ordinary or YB series explosion-proof motor
    Model: Y132M-6B 2 YB132M 1 -6B 5 n = 960r / min
    Or: Y132M 2 -6B 5 YB112M-6B 5 n = 960r / min
    ④ machine weight: 900 ~ 950kg