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What is the difference between a diaphragm metering pump and a plunger metering pump?
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Electric diaphragm pump and electric piston pump performance analysis pump is divided into plunger metering pump and diaphragm metering pump, only the electric plunger metering pump and electric diaphragm metering pump for comparison, the piston pump is the DC motor drive plunger The compound movement inhales the liquid and is pressurized and discharged due to its plunger being exposed and the plunger is working in the liquid. The plunger wears very fast under the action of the liquid grinding. Once the nozzle with larger diameter is provided, the plunger reciprocates the frequency , Exacerbate the wear of the plunger, the machine life is short. And replace the plunger price is very expensive, if the voltage is not normal will also lead directly to the work of DC is not normal.

In addition, due to a large back and forth reciprocating motion, plunger pump work pulse is large, making the flow instability, but the initial pump suction pump is its rapid growth. Diaphragm type metering pump, its design is based on the piston pump has been greatly improved, the principle of using the motor to drive the piston reciprocating work (note that the piston is not directly in contact with the liquid), and then promote the diaphragm movement, the liquid absorption pressure After the launch, because of its piston in the anti-wear oil work, greatly optimized the working environment, greatly enhance the life, after the hardening treatment of the piston is not easy to damage, coupled with high molecular weight materials made of high resistance to the diaphragm Pump life to further improve. Reliable operation is another advantage of the diaphragm pump, the failure rate of the extreme, the end of the voltage requirements, the end of the environmental requirements, easy maintenance, maintenance costs only about one-fifth of the piston pump.

Diaphragm pump cost-effective, its excellent cost performance will promote the promotion of diaphragm pumps. Specializing in the production of chemical metering pumps, water treatment metering pumps, and sincerely welcome your advice.

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