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What are the requirements for the selection of the Dayton Rock metering pump?
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Dosing pumps are increasingly used in chemical, oil refining, pharmaceutical, food and nuclear industries. For some of the friends on the use of metering pumps (dosing pump) encountered in the process of how to choose the problem, Dayton Luo metering pump agent Nanjing giant small series for your Q & A doubts.

Section 1: Selection of principles

Pumps are a wide range of general-purpose general-purpose mechanical equipment, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power metallurgy, mining, shipping, light industry, agriculture, civil and national defense departments, occupies an important position in the national economy. According to 79 years of statistics, China's pump output reached 1.256 million units, while the import metering pump in the Dayton Luo GB1200 metering pump for the country's first production. Pump power consumption accounts for more than 21% of the national energy consumption. So to reduce the energy consumption of the pump, saving energy with a very significant significance.

In recent years, our pump industry has developed a number of energy efficient products, such as IHF, CQB, FSB, UHB and other models of pump products, to reduce the energy consumption of the pump played a positive role. But in all areas of the national economy, due to unreasonable selection, many of the pump in an unreasonable operating conditions, low efficiency, a lot of energy wasted. There are pumps because the selection is unreasonable, can not be used, or the use of maintenance costs increase, low economic efficiency.

The so-called rational selection of pumps, is to take into account the pump unit and pump station investment and operating costs and other comprehensive technical and economic indicators, to meet the economic, security, applicable principles. Specifically, the choice of Dayton Luo GB1200 metering pump has the following aspects:

1, must meet the requirements of the use of flow and head, which requires the pump operating point (device characteristics curve and the pump performance curve of the intersection) often maintained in the efficient range of operation, so that both power and not easy to damage the parts.

2, the selected metering pump is both small size, light weight, low cost, but also have good characteristics and high efficiency.

3, has a good anti-cavitation performance, which can reduce the depth of the excavation of the pump, but also the metering pump cavitation, smooth operation, long life.

4, according to the selected metering pump pumping station, project investment, low operating costs.

US Dayton Luo metering pumps and centrifugal pumps in the application of a big mistake

Many players think that the lower the pumping head, the smaller the motor load. In this misunderstanding of misunderstanding, the purchase of Dayton Luo metering pump, the metering pump will often choose a high head. In fact, for the centrifugal metering pump, when the metering pump model is determined, the power consumption of the size of the metering pump is proportional to the actual flow. The flow rate of the metering pump will decrease with the increase of the head, so the higher the head, the smaller the flow and the smaller the power consumption. On the contrary, the lower the head, the greater the flow, the greater the power consumption. Therefore, in order to prevent the motor overload, the general requirements of the actual pumping pump measuring the use of head should not be less than 60% of the calibration head. So when the high head for low head pumping, the motor is easy to overload and heat, can burn the motor seriously. If emergency use, you must install a water outlet in the regulation of the amount of water (or wood and other objects to block the small outlet) to reduce the flow to prevent motor overload. Pay attention to the motor temperature rise, if found that the motor overheating, should be timely off the small outlet flow or shutdown. This is also prone to misunderstanding, some players think that plug the outlet, forced to reduce the flow, will increase the motor load. In fact, the opposite is true, the normal high-power centrifugal pump drier units are equipped with gate valve, in order to reduce the unit when the motor load, should close the gate valve, the motor starts and then gradually open the gate valve is the truth.

Second, large diameter metering pump with small water pump

A lot of players think that this can improve the actual head, in fact, Dayton Luo GB1200 metering pump actual head = total head ~ loss head. When the metering pump model is determined, the total head is a certain; loss head mainly from the pipeline resistance, the smaller the diameter is the greater the resistance, and thus the greater the loss of head, so reduce the diameter, the actual pump metering Can not increase, resulting in reduced efficiency of metering pumps. Similarly, when the small diameter of the pump with a large pipe pumping, it will not reduce the actual measurement of the pump head, but because of the resistance of the pipeline to reduce the loss of the loss of the head. But also organic hand that small diameter pump with a large pipe pumping, will inevitably greatly increase the motor load, they believe that the diameter increases, the water pipe in the metering pump impeller pressure on the large, which will greatly increase the motor load The The size of the liquid pressure is only related to the level of the head, and the size of the water pipe has nothing to do. As long as the head must be, Dayton Luo GB1200 metering pump impeller size unchanged, no matter how much diameter, the role of the pressure on the impeller are certain. But as long as the rated lift range, regardless of how to increase the diameter of the metering pump can work properly, and can also reduce the pipeline wear and improve the efficiency of metering pumps.

Third, the installation of the inlet pipe, the horizontal section of the level or upturned

This will make the inlet pipe to gather air, reduce the water pipe and metering pump vacuum, the metering pump to reduce the water head, the amount of water to reduce. The correct approach is: the horizontal section should be slightly tilted to the direction of the water, should not level, but not upwards.

Fourth, the water pipe on the elbow more

If the elbow on the water pipe, and will increase the local water resistance. And elbows should be turned in the vertical direction, do not allow horizontal direction, so as not to gather air.

5, metering pump inlet and elbow directly connected

This will cause the water flow through the elbow into the impeller when uneven distribution. When the diameter of the inlet pipe is larger than that of the Dayton Luo GB1200 metering pump inlet, the eccentric reducer should be installed. The plane portion of the eccentric reducer is mounted on the top and the bevel portion is mounted below. Otherwise the accumulation of air, the amount of water to reduce or not on the water, and the impact of sound and so on. If the inlet pipe and metering pump inlet diameter equal to the metering pump inlet and elbow should be added between the straight tube, straight pipe length shall not be less than 2 to 3 times the diameter of the pipe.

Six, the bottom of the inlet pipe with the bottom of the water pipe is not vertical

If this is installed, the valve can not shut itself, causing leakage. The correct installation method is: the bottom of the inlet pipe, the next section is best vertical. If the terrain conditions can not be installed vertically, the water pipe axis and the horizontal angle should be above 60 °.

Seven, the inlet of the inlet position is wrong

(1) The inlet of the inlet pipe is less than the diameter of the inlet and the wall of the inlet. If the bottom of the sediment and other dirt, the inlet from the bottom of the distance is less than 1.5 times the diameter, it will cause poor water pumping or sucking into the debris, blocking the water inlet.

(2) into the water inlet into the water depth is not enough, this will cause the water around the water pipe generated whirlpool, affecting the water, reducing the amount of water. The correct installation method is: small and medium-sized Dayton Luo GB1200 metering pump into the water depth of not less than 300 ~ 600mm, large metering pump shall not be less than 600 ~ 1000mm.

8, the outlet in the outlet above the normal water level

If the outlet in the outlet above the normal water level, although the increase of the metering pump head, but reduced the flow. As the terrain conditions are limited, the outlet must be higher than the water level of the outlet, the elbow and the short pipe should be fitted in the nozzle so that the water pipe becomes siphon and the height of the outlet is reduced.