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How to choose a water treatment metering pump
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Water treatment metering pumps are important equipment for conveying fluids in water treatment, supplying energy to the fluid to overcome the resistance in flow and to keep the flow in the equipment or pipe. In addition, the water treatment, the need for chemical reagents from the cans to the B cans from the low to high. All of which rely on water treatment metering pump work done. It can be seen, a reasonable choice of pump products, water treatment metering pump technology trends, water treatment work has become an important work.

Water treatment pump classification:

Water treatment industry, the application of a wide range of pump equipment, it is difficult to use a classification method for macro generalization, often according to the actual needs of different methods of classification, the following for a brief introduction. 1. According to its transmission medium classification single-phase medium pump, two-phase medium pump, multi-phase media pump three categories. 2. Classification of petrol water treatment pump In the water treatment pump, the blade water treatment pump is the most widely used, the following types are commonly used: single-stage pump, multi-stage pump, double suction pump, mixed flow pump, Axial pumps, submersible pumps, submersible pumps, screw pumps, metering pumps, plunger pumps, screw pumps and jet pumps. 3. According to its working principle classification vane pump: the use of leaf and liquid interaction to transport liquid, such as centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump, axial flow pump, vortex pump and so on. Displacement pumps: the use of studio volume cyclical changes in the transport of liquid, such as piston pumps, piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, gear pumps, skate pumps and screw pumps. Other types of pumps: pumps that only change the liquid level, such as water trucks, etc .; the use of liquid energy to transport liquid pumps, such as jet pumps, water hammer pumps, acid eggs and so on.