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The working principle and structural characteristics of plunger metering pump
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The working principle and structural characteristics of plunger metering pump

The plunger metering pump is an important device for the hydraulic system, which relies on the reciprocating motion of the plunger in the cylinder to change the volume of the sealed working chamber to achieve oil and oil.

The plunger pump has the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow regulation. It is widely used in high pressure, large flow and flow regulation such as hydraulic press, construction machinery and ship.

The plunger metering pump belongs to the volume pump, and its plunger drives the reciprocating motion by the eccentric rotation of the pump shaft, and the suction and discharge valves are the one-way valve.

When the plunger is pulled outside the working chamber pressure is reduced, the outlet valve closes below the inlet pressure when the inlet valve opens the liquid into;

Plunger thrust when the studio pressure increases the inlet valve is closed, higher than the outlet pressure when the outlet valve opens the liquid discharge.

When the drive shaft drives the cylinder to rotate, the swash plate pulls the plunger out of the cylinder or pushes it back to complete the suction and drainage process.
Plunger and cylinder bore The oil in the working chamber is connected to the suction and discharge chambers of the pump through the oil pan. The variable mechanism is used to change the inclination of the swash plate. The displacement of the pump can be changed by adjusting the inclination of the swash plate.

Piston metering pump structure: plunger metering pump is divided into axial piston pump and radial piston pump two representative forms; because the radial piston pump is a new type of technology is relatively high efficiency pump ,

With the continuous acceleration of the radial piston pump will inevitably become an important part of the application of piston pump.