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Diaphragm pressure gauge
Diaphragm pressure gauge

Diaphragm pressure gauge can be used to measure the strong corrosion, high temperature, high viscosity, easy to crystallize, easy to solidify, there are solid floating media pressure and must avoid the measurement medium directly into the general pressure gauge and prevent sediment accumulation and easy to clean the occasion, Diaphragm pressure gauge by the diaphragm isolator and general-purpose pressure meter to form a system diaphragm.

Diaphragm pressure gauge is mainly used for petrochemical, alkali, chemical fiber, dyeing, pharmaceutical, food and the system of industrial sectors such as the production process to measure the use of fluid medium pressure.

Structural principle

When the pressure of the measuring medium P acts on the diaphragm, the diaphragm is deformed and the pressure of the diaphragm is measured to form the pressure of P-ΔP. When the rigidity of the diaphragm is sufficiently small, ΔP is also small, The pressure generated by the gauge system is close to the pressure of the measuring medium.

Diaphragm pressure gauge corrosion resistance Description:

The corrosion resistance of the diaphragm pressure gauge can be ensured by appropriate selection of the diaphragm, isolator and sealing gasket material in contact with the measuring medium.

Available optional diaphragm material: 0Crl7Nil2Mo2 (316); Monel alloy (Cu30Ni70); Hastelloy (H276C); tantalum (Ta) and fluorine plastic (F4).

Isolator material: stainless steel 0Crl7Nil2M02 (316); stainless steel lined with fluorine plastic (316 + F4).

Sealing gasket material: nitrile rubber ; fluorine rubber ; silicone rubber and fluorine plastic.