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Maintenance mode of hydraulic diaphragm metering pump
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2016-05-08

When using the hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, it should be checked regularly whether there is a leak in the connection between the pipeline and the valve, and the valve should be cleaned once every 3 months to avoid obstruction (the cleaning time can be adjusted according to the chemical properties such as the use of high crystallinity Pharmacy, at least once a month to be cleaned). When the metering pump is not operating for a long time, cleaning should also be carried out before use.

Metering pump cleaning steps:

(1) the first to play the water for about 10 minutes, and then empty for about 5 minutes to determine the tube of water are discharged before they began to remove the action to reduce the risk.

(2) close the metering pump power, remove all the valve (demolition, still need to be careful of the remaining agents and water, to avoid causing damage or splashing power and other related equipment and damage.

(3) to clean the valve and valve parts.

(4) check the parts are defective, deformation, cracking and other conditions, if the replacement.

(5) Replace all valves as they are.

(6) Apply water for 5 minutes to test (if the crystallization of the situation, you can use crystal diluent to fight about 10 minutes, then replaced with water for about 5 minutes).


(1) Wear protective clothing (goggles, gloves, etc.) when cleaning.

(2) metering pumps> pump parts are plastic material, demolition, equipment to avoid the use of tools to avoid damage to parts.

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