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Metering pump troubleshooting and maintenance
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2016-05-15

Metering pump manufacturers to tell you, metering pump troubleshooting and maintenance:

Keep pipettes available to be short. Compared to the standard electronic pulse width of 80msec, the flow check checker electronic pulse width can be captured by adding the electronic pulse width to 300msec. Note: Not all metering pumps have a secreted valve.

The flow of metered liquid. How to remove the old gap to pay attention to the work of the project; spare parts package, in the removal of the old gap when careful.

2. When the hydraulic end is aligned with the backplane orientation In this future, the four screws are tightened diagonally until the cutoff is appropriate.

3. At the end of the barrier device, not to mention the backplane drain drain hole placed in the vertical position in this future, the device pump head

4. Once the gap was removed, check the measurement of the safety of the pump, to ensure that it is no shortage, no matter what damage.

How to prevent the stroke positioning of the idea of ​​burning to eliminate the elimination of the reaction time, the electronic pulse after two consecutive efforts to be full of long enough. The appropriate height of the suction. Other options, such as mock control, electronic pulse suppression, flow check check, and timers. Rotate the stroke length to 0 percent and catch the hydraulic end, then slide it out of the screw hole, then the screws do not touch them, but also control the feelings of the backplane and the barrier.

Common problems of metering pumps and repair methods

1. Adjust the backplane so that the drain drain hole is located at the bottom of the pump.

2. Before the pump head loosens in this future, remove the pump head before adjusting the stroke length to 0 percent of the 100th position. Catch the liquid end counterclockwise. Install a new barrier, clockwise rotation backplane and estrangement until close. And then implemented again as described above. In the pump during the process of debugging the hydraulic end and the gap to the appropriate position. Placed a few minutes later, with a plastic hammer quietly beat the barrier. In the direction of the stroke stroke, the motor of the metering pump is always working.

3. System back pressure. (1). There is a gas leak at the suction end of the metering pump. Capture the smart switch, remove the cover of the fixed circuit board, remove the jumper X-1.

(2). Metering pump at the end of the valve can be blocked when the measurement of liquid can not pass. A little resistance, you can unscrew the gap. Is using the flow check to measure a high viscosity preface, in the process of receiving the flow of the flow of information assigned to the signal, how to do this can handle the title

(3). Metered chemicals have the ability to form crystals at the hydraulic end, resulting in one-way valve ball and valve seat can not work properly. Can ensure that the electromagnetic axis has to meet the pressure to keep its joint stability, so you can unscrew the gap. This allows the set of equipment to rotate to the back of the membrane drain hole aligned with the bottom of the pump. And then counterclockwise rotation of the device, a little resistance, the gap will be relaxed from the electromagnetic axis down. (4) Remove the four screws that secure the Shanghai Long sub-metering pump head.

(5). Rotate to 100% of the stroke length. The pipette is aligned with the drain drain and the hydraulic end of the screw aligns with the corresponding four holes. So that the capture of the function, in the fault before the assignment allowed to have more time. The hydraulic side of the suction side of the joint parts can be missing O-ring or suction valve with the relaxation.

4. The stroke length of the metering pump is not suitable. If the metering pump motor is not working, the stroke length adjustment lever is resistant to the tension of the tightened torsion spring, which will form a stroke to locate the idea of ​​premature destruction. When it is considered appropriate and the use of self-absorption method of meta-hydrogen gas, the system within the germination of vital points. Metering pump device from the exhaust pump head, that the appropriate use of self-irrigation liquid. End the effort to use this work evenly.