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Principle of Phosphate Dosing Device
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Phosphate dosing device composition structure: solution tank, level gauge, metering box, stirrer, dosing metering pump, safety valve, pressure gauge, control cabinet, valves and piping centralized layout, the main components of the material Stainless steel and carbon steel lined.

Principle of process

Calcium and magnesium hardness in boiler feed water will react chemically in high temperature environment, or concentrate to produce insoluble scale, firmly attached to the boiler heating surface. This scale is a bad conductor of heat, which can hinder heat conduction and serious When the boiler burst pipe accident occurred, in addition, will induce and exacerbate the scale of the following metal chemical corrosion, the damage is very serious. Although the boiler condensate, the boiler feed water has been a rigorous softening, desalination, but there are still a small amount of calcium, magnesium hardness into the furnace water, if not part of the hardness of the deal, will scale the boiler safe operation Threat, at present, the furnace water plus phosphate is the most appropriate treatment, the reaction is as follows:

Alkaline calcium phosphate is a soft water residue, easy to exclude with the boiler, and will not stick to the furnace into the scale.

Summary of Phosphate Dosing Device

The dosing device mainly includes four parts: chemical solution system, metering system, safety system and control system.

Solid agent added to the drug tank, and then added in proportion to the addition of salt water or condensate stirring dissolved by the measurement dosing system added to the boiler drum, the dosing control can be used manually, but also based on the host system output control signal, For follow-up control, automatic dosing.

Phosphate Dosing Device Performance Description

The complete set of equipment mainly includes feeding system, storage barrel, dosing system, power control system and so on. The tank is equipped with a level gauge, low level alarm, valves and other facilities required for automatic operation. The surface of the whole body is equipped with the inlet, the mouth, the overflow port, the level gauge interface, and the discharge port on the side of the barrel. Corresponding supporting valves. When the tank level is lower than the set low level value, the automatic opening of the alarm system, dosing pump suspension. Dosing system, including centrifugal pumps, electromagnetic flowmeter and related valves.