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Mechanical diaphragm metering pump characteristics
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2016-06-17

Mechanical diaphragm metering pump characteristics

1. Operation safety, mechanical drive diaphragm, cost-effective, generally applicable to the pressure is not demanding water treatment industry

2. Sealing is good, no leakage, assembly and maintenance simple and safe, with eccentric institutions. As a whole without any leakage, can be placed in the drug tank or pipe.

3. It can transfer high viscosity media, corrosive liquids and hazardous chemicals. Cast aluminum shell, high thermal performance, the overall light weight, for a variety of acid and alkali liquid, non-toxic and tasteless.

4. Flow regulation can adjust the stroke length or motor frequency, contact the media pump head for the PVC, optional PTFE, and stainless steel.
5. Diaphragm is made of multi-layer composite structure, the first layer of super toughness Teflon acid film, the second layer of EPDM elastic rubber, the third layer 3.0mmSUS304 support core, the fourth layer of reinforced nylon fiber supplement, the fifth layer EPDM elastic rubber completely wrapped, can effectively lift the diaphragm for life. When the pump is running or stopped, the flow can be adjusted or quantified.