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Introduction of hydraulic diaphragm metering pump
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2016-06-05

Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump is also called a pillar diaphragm metering pump is a combination of plunger metering pump and diaphragm metering pump designed a metering pump. The metering pump and the metering medium medium contact part of the diaphragm, and the drive part of the hydraulic plunger. (CSM), fluorinated rubber (FPM), teflon (PTFE), etc., and the hydraulic drive can achieve the need for high-pressure metering, so the plunger Diaphragm metering pump use areas and mining pressure greatly improved.

The flow of the metering pump does not vary with the pressure, in the working state and non-working conditions can be 0-100% linear adjustment. A double-headed design, so that a pump at the same time with different measures of measurement of different media applications become a reality, both to save space and reduce costs. Mirror reflective design, so that the piston flange and metering head in the drive gear on both sides are free to install, on-site installation flexibility. Modular design makes field installation and maintenance very convenient. Products built-in over-voltage safety protection valve, eliminating the need for the general metering pump installation bypass, both to save space, but also increase the safety of the use of the product.