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Corrosion resistance metering pump how to choose
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2016-06-17

Corrosion resistance metering pump how to choose

First of all, you have to choose the appropriate metering pump what information

1, the flow rate of the metered liquid (L / h), the required pressure (MPa).

2, the main characteristics of the liquid to be measured, liquid name, chemical corrosion, viscosity (cp), temperature (℃), concentration, specific gravity, solid content (for the slurry) and so on.

3, the system back pressure, flow stability requirements, the appropriate lifting height

4, metering pump working environment conditions, such as the need for corrosion, explosion and so on

5, the other options required, automatic control mode, external control signal type, such as analog control, pulse control, flow monitoring and timer.

For conventional liquids can be simply divided into:

Liquid name: chemical name, state (gaseous, liquid, mixed state)

Flow: (L / h) or units that can or can be converted

Pressure: (MPa), bar, CM2 / KG, PSI

Temperature (℃)

Viscosity (cp)

Solid particles (for slurries)