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Metering pump manufacturers - Malaysia Airlines aircraft
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2016-07-11

Metering pump manufacturers - Malaysia Airlines aircraft surprised Malaysia Airlines aircraft incident, metering pump manufacturers summed up some of the aircraft when we are in distress?
Metering pump manufacturers combing the plane crash six signs: the first 1. fuselage bumps; the first 2. a sharp decline in the aircraft; 3. smoke inside the cabin; No. 4. smoke outside the cabin; 5. engine closed, has been accompanied The roar of the aircraft disappeared; the first 6. In the high-altitude flight when a loud noise, cabin dust, which is the body rupture chamber suddenly decompression.
Metering pump manufacturers summed up nine emergency measures:
● Select a minimum transit line to reduce the number of takeoff and descent.
● "Emergency exit" must be open.
● If the weight of the top of the bag must be moved to the foot of the foot
● When there is smoke in the cabin, be sure to keep the head in the lowest possible position, because the smoke is always up, hold your breath with a towel or handkerchief, cover your nose and mouth before breathing, bending or crawling to the exit The
● When the cabin "broken decompression", to immediately wear oxygen mask, and must wear strict, otherwise the respiratory alveoli oxygen will be "suck out" in vitro. In order to increase the pressure and oxygen concentration in the cabin, the aircraft will immediately drop to 3000 meters above the altitude, then must fasten the seat belt.
● If the plane crashed in the ocean, to immediately put on life jackets.
● When the plane falls, it is necessary to shout and try to keep your eyes wide open, and use this "desperate shouting" self-psychological stimulation to avoid "faint".
● When the plane hit the ground in the moment, to quickly unlock the seat belt buckle, suddenly rushed to the rear of the cabin toward the outside of the bright cracks in the tank before the explosion to escape the wreckage.
● Escape equipment is located near each seat of the flight. Life jackets just gently pull, immediately automatic inflatable. If you encounter water landing, we must quickly put on life jackets.
How can we escape when the plane breaks up at high altitude?
Metering pump manufacturers to remind you: the air should also be a good seat belt metering pump manufacturers to remind you two: prior to the emergency exit position measurement pump manufacturers to remind you three: as soon as possible away from the wreckage