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The working principle of the plunger metering pump
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2016-07-11

The plunger metering pump sucks and discharges the working medium (yellow) directly through the reciprocating motion of the plunger. Since the plunger and the seal are in contact with the media, the choice of the appropriate plunger material and sealing form to ensure that the pump in the process of running with the desired performance. The plunger metering pump includes both a valve pump and a valveless pump. The plunger metering pump is widely used in the field of petrochemical industry because of its simple structure and high temperature and high pressure. Plunger material is stainless steel, oxidized ceramic, ceramic oxide with high corrosion resistance and high wear resistance characteristics.
In view of the shortcomings of ordinary piston pump under high pressure condition, a kind of valveless rotary plunger metering pump is paid more and more attention. It is widely used in high viscosity medium such as syrup, chocolate and petroleum additive. Metering addition. The plunger metering pump is subject to a number of limitations in the application of high-pollution-proof fluid metering applications due to the structural weakness of the metered medium and the in-pump lubricant. The plunger metering pump is used to accurately and quantitatively deliver liquid containing no solid particles to pressurized or atmospheric vessels and pipes. Different types of plunger metering pumps can be equipped with inverter motor according to the requirements (to receive 4-20ma current signal) or explosion-proof motor. Plunger pump head structure is simple, economical, high precision measurement, the need to select and maintain a good seal. The vertical alignment between the plunger and the seal ensures a small wear between the two.