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How to choose a chemical metering pump
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2017-05-04

Many friends in the choice of pipeline pump products will ask how to choose chemical metering pumps.
The so-called rational selection of pumps, is to take into account the pump unit and pump station investment and operating costs and other comprehensive technical and economic indicators, to meet the economic, security, applicable principles. 天工 pump manager Liu told you to do the following: Slurry pump selection Specifically, the following aspects:
1. Chemical metering pumps must meet the requirements for the use of flow and head requirements, that is, the pump operating point (the characteristic curve of the device and the curve of the pump's performance curve) is often maintained in the efficient range of operation, so that both power and damage to mechanical parts The
2. Chemical metering pump selected pump is both small size, light weight, low cost, but also has good characteristics and high efficiency.
3. Chemical metering pump has a good anti-cavitation performance, which can reduce the excavation depth of the pump, without water pump cavitation, smooth operation, long life.
4. Chemical metering pump according to the selected pump to build pumping stations, project investment, low operating costs.
If you want to buy chemical metering pumps, then you must understand what the purpose of chemical metering pumps to understand where the future products sold, and its chemical metering pump development prospects, income situation. Today I will come to tell you in the end what industry can use chemical metering pumps!
Slurry pumps can be widely used in mining, power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries containing abrasive particles containing abrasive particles. (Such as metallurgical concentrator pulp transport, thermal power plant hydraulic ash, coal preparation coal slurry and heavy medium transport, dredging river, river dredging, etc.).
In the chemical industry, can also be transported with some corrosive slurry containing crystals. At present, the application of chemical metering pumps, about 80% are used in the mining industry concentrator.
In the field of seawater selection, slurry pump applications have begun to be gradually recognized by customers. But in the seawater selection of sand, river dredging, slurry pump is more likely to be considered, known as sand pump, dredging pump. In this seawater sand we often called sand pump, in the river dredging inside habit of called dredging pump.
In the coal washing industry, due to different conditions, larger coal, coal gangue easy to plug, for the design of slurry pump is very high. Coal preparation plant in 2005 with a specially designed alternative to the original imported from Australia, the slurry pump, has been operating normally, transporting large coal, coal gangue without clogging, the use of wear life than foreign imported pumps.
Although the use of chemical metering pumps is extensive, but the correct application is very important. Slag pumps because of its name itself makes some of the limitations of the industry people misunderstanding, in fact, mud pumps, impurity pumps, dredging pumps, dredging pumps, and so on in the application of slurry pump.
See so many industries using a chemical metering pump, I believe the prospects of slurry pump is still very broad.