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What is the import metering pump brand?
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2017-05-09

Since it is looking for imported brand metering pumps , then it is necessary to find high visibility, high market share of the brand; if only to find the general import brand of metering pumps, then there is no need to find the import, and a lot of strength of the domestic metering pump brand manufacturers Can and they are comparable to replace them. The following small series for everyone to organize imported metering pump well-known brands for everyone to buy when the reference.
  American Dayton Luo Metering Pump
Miton is the inventor of the world's first metering pump and the world's largest metering pump manufacturer. Since its inception in 1936, Miton has established the most comprehensive metering pump product line and has created standards in the industry for product performance, accuracy and durability. Midland has a number of excellent sub-brands and corresponding product lines, including LMI electromagnetic drive metering pumps, Williams pneumatic diaphragm metering pumps, Haskel gas-driven booster pumps, HELISEM standard mixers, ROBIN professional design mixers, PPI pneumatic diaphragm pumps, YZ Odor system and so on. The unique technical advantages of Mitelon products, a variety of drive methods and hydraulic end materials, can meet the needs of almost all applications of the material dosing, transportation and mixing, which products are widely used in petrochemical, chemical, oil, natural gas, electricity , Water treatment, paper, pharmaceutical and other fields.
  Pascal metering pumps
(PULSAFEEDER, INC.) Was founded in the early 1940s, Larry Wilson invented the Wilson chemical feed equipment - the world's first hydraulic drive diaphragm metering pump. In 1939, LAPP Insulator of LeRoy, New York, purchased the design of the Wilson chemical feed equipment and began production of the first Pasfida pump for cardiac surgery. Pascal joined the IDEX Group in May 1992. IDEX is a large multinational group company, in addition to its own Pasifeida metering pump, also has a gear pump group Viking, pneumatic pump AODD Group, flow meter LC Group. For the world's customers to provide the most complete fluid solutions.
  Germany Protte Metering Pump
Proprietor's business is from the development, development, and production of electromagnetic driven precision metering pumps began. After nearly half a century of development, at present, the company has not only become the world's largest metering pump manufacturers, and more than 100 technical patents to lead the world's new trend of metering pump technology. Around the metering pump technology, the company also in the set, special, special dosing system and related measurement, control device research and development, manufacturing areas to open up new growth space.
      Italy SEKO metering pumps
SEKO has been engaged in the production and marketing of metering pumps and dosing systems for more than 40 years. The product continues to provide a reliable solution for the administration of drugs, injections and fluids, and can effectively control the parameters of the relevant chemicals. The
SEKO products include: peristaltic pump, electromagnetic drive metering pump, motor-driven metering pump, measuring and control equipment (for pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, residual chlorine and other measurements), the main series covers three (1) water: industrial areas; (2) process: system areas; (3) cleaning: health areas.
  US Wilton metering pumps
United States Wilton pneumatic diaphragm pump structure is strong, long life; self-absorption strong, no lubrication; flow and pressure regulation, easy since 1955 Wilton pneumatic double diaphragm (AODD) pump has been the market leader The Wilton is firmly committed to the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction, research and development and market knowledge. As an outstanding organization, Wilton's infrastructure, knowledge base, intellectual capital over the expectations of customers all over the world.
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