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Piston metering pump use precautions
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2017-05-11

Piston Dosing Pump Usage Precautions The plunger pump is composed of metering pump components and transmission mechanism, such as the drive mechanism and the stroke adjustment mechanism, and the working principle of the plunger metering pump plunger metering pump. Figure 7-5 is a N-type adjustment crank mechanism piston metering pump.
The cylinder is usually a ball valve or by using a reciprocating double-acting piston metering pump driven by a double cone, the piston pump cylinder, the seal packing seal ring seal the metering pump, the plunger pump, the outlet valve is driven by the column The plug is used by the valve device. To ensure the accuracy of the measurement, and the sealing device is higher than that required for the selection of the material according to the material of the valve assembly is a liquid delivery pump.
The metering piston is usually driven by a motor, a worm gear or a slowdown device, and other drive components are often not a separate component that uses the most regulated mechanism to fit the pump. Second, the flow metering pump plunger operation of the piston metering pump is controlled to achieve the general use of the plunger stroke control mechanism. When the pump is operated in order to achieve flow control purposes, the flow adjustment piston stroke, the maximum value for the less value of the memory stepless pump is zero, which is the maximum value within the range of adjustment.
At least one plunger stroke adjustment mechanism provides only a common N-type crankshaft regulator. A-shaped crankshaft Ñ The adjustment mechanism consists of eccentric mating with the eccentric lever which is driven by a plunger in the N-shaped crankshaft and reciprocating motion. Rotating the eccentric sleeve of the rotation through the rotation of the sliding keys of the N crankshafts of the motor, the n-crank lever of the eccentric wheel passing through the worm reducer sleeve is diagonally inclined to keep the eccentric hwilin N forming an axis of salt The
The eccentricity of the eccentricity of the eccentric element is zero when the eccentricity of the eccentricity is zero, that is, the eccentric crank center, the rotation center and the matching zero stroke length are left and right. , Eccentric wheel and travel eccentric radius of the N-type blue shaft size, 100010 stroke size. When the screw is screwed, that is, by adjusting the screw, move it up and down to adjust the worm gear to rotate the screw in the sliding key to adjust the flow. Through the lower end of the N-type bearing, the vertical movement of the crankshaft to change the stroke of the plunger. Since it can be changed to 100% in size on the range 0 to achieve a flow metering pump adjusted from the nominal flow rate of 0 to 100% of the stroke. Because the mechanical transmission of the machine, the compact mechanical adjustment stroke, the NA crankshaft adjustment to reduce the cost of the pump to reduce the crank mechanism size is N-type, is a more advanced structure.