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Introduction of high pressure plunger metering pump components
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2017-05-15

High pressure plunger metering pump components introduce a reasonable selection of metering pump components. The metering pump head metering pump, metering pump, check valve, ball valve type, including a sealed ball seat and valve metering pump diaphragm metering pump hose connection and a check valve. It munjeyi answer key to select the article when the various parts to consider. Because they choose not to include some of the requirements of the metering pump, points and some of the details of the knowledge are ignored the importance of choice to determine the success or failure.
1. High pressure plunger metering pump head: such as PP, PVC, PTFE and SS316: It is important to consider the material used to collect the material of the pump head for common problems. PP: the formation of low-cost and high-temperature acid to a certain extent, ease; as containing organic solvents, strong acid and hypochlorite liquid. Concentration is limited. PVC: 40 ° C is not suitable for drinking water and food industry molding and low cost, easy to use acid, but a suitable organic solvent, strong acid does not measure the liquid, no longer use toxic, food bag PVC bag. PTFE: a variety of media, high temperature, but the formation of difficult high cost; SS316: represents a suitable organic solvent, high temperature liquid, but a strong acid resistance.
These second diaphragm metering pumps are used for pure PTFE films and composite films with film and composite film: The inner surface of the PTFE film NBR rubber spacer shown in the bolt is configured so that the composite film, some of which is added to the rubber separator The strength of the wire mesh. To the diaphragm to reduce the low cost, large elastic deformation of the production cost, so that the reduction in electromagnetic force can be made at a high flow rate as a small size of the plane. However, for a long time to drive, accumulate strain, the heat emitted by the electromagnet is inserted into the bolt conductive rubber on its surface, the film is immediately damaged before this type of diaphragm breaks the hole of the diaphragm metering pump.
2. Pure PTFE diaphragm: modified PTFE, the cost is relatively high, variable aperture shape of the overall treatment is relatively small, it can not be damaged. Italy pure PTFE diaphragm metering pumps, as well as more from other manufacturers, in the market composite film.
3. Check valve The internal structure of the check valve, the reverse flow of the check valve structure due to gravity and elastic back to the test, check the weight: formed in the seal to its own weight, good sealing effect, high pressure return Side of the ball check valve structure. Flexible check: Since rubber elasticity is reverse state, low cost, in addition to the non-return effect of the etched structure, the rubber's long-term aging deformation after the return to high-voltage resistance - degradation of bending. In the Italian metering pump market, the measurement of US, Germany, Japan, gravity pump production income structure is mainly elastic inversion structure.
High-pressure plunger metering pumps are cheap but ion in the acid part can cause corrosion: glass ball ceramic ball and glass ball universal ball material two types 4, still gravity again check valve ball sealing structure and seat, ceramic ball : Expensive, but acid all kinds of alkali; general seal Ti: titanium is usually plastic, rubber ball seat and ball of PTFE sheet. General Plastic T-Type: This is a low cost, and the long-term effects of some corrosive media will be more then reversed. The rubber T is low in cost and the shape of the acid corrosion is changed for the purpose of deteriorating or blocking the reflux effect for a long period of time through the flow channel. High cost, suitable for a variety of liquid never deformation (usually during the period can not be played by the normal operation after the liquid developer pump can be measured) PTFE ball seat.

5, how to choose high-pressure plunger metering pump hose connector? Material Hose connection: with the hole (because the relatively small, so that the pass to ensure that the fluid), as generally smaller, the diameter of the hose PTFE electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump traditional plastic is not a certain thickness of the thin hose coupling Of the small joints. Long, General Plastics Co., Ltd. through acid cleaning media such as leakage in the hose connection, easy to produce cracks and joints PTFE will eliminate the conditions of the result is corrosion.
The total metering pump factor, the total cost, is available in both parameters Note: Flow and pressure, the pump pressure on the label measured the maximum normal working pressure, the maximum flow pressure flow. The metering pump is a liquid pump, and the one-way pump capacity is greater when the pressure in the metering pump chamber is greater than the external pressure. If the external pressure is higher than the pressure, the metering pump is overloaded in the working condition. If the flow rate of the electromagnetic diaphragm is measured, the electric metering pump does not play any liquid, even if the pump is reduced as much as possible, the motor overheats damage. All of the above can be used to complete the Anhui Secco environmental technology. Check the metering pump.