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It is necessary to pay attention to the installation and laying of the piping of the metering pump
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2017-05-03

First, to prevent the pipeline vibration

Metering pump discharge fluid due to inertia resistance in the pump running at the beginning of the pulse will have a pulsating impact force.This is the reciprocating pump unique phenomenon, due to the sudden increase in the liquid pipeline caused by the order.In order to prevent this phenomenon, Metering pump manufacturers require the discharge side of the inertial resistance is less than 1.0kgf / cm; also when the Pid reaches 1.0kgf / cm2 when the pipeline will produce vibration will have a negative impact on the pump and its peripherals.

At this time we need to solve this

1, install the pulse damper;

2, increase the diameter of the outlet pipe and shorten the length of the outlet pipe.

Second, to prevent cavitation occurred

If the device is less than the metering capacity of the metering pump may be due to drying or cavitation damage, so we require the device NPSHa> necessary gas erosion allowance,

Third, to prevent excessive supply

Metering pump manufacturers found that excessive supply of liquid flow in the pipeline due to the inertia of the normal operation of the check valve to make the metering pump check valve failure, resulting in pump flow is too large and unstable.When the suction negative pressure or tube Passing the long are likely to produce this phenomenon.Therefore we require: metering pump pressure> inertial resistance Pi.

We provide the following solutions:

1, install the pulse damper;

2, the installation of back pressure valve;

3, as far as possible to shorten the length of import and export pipelines.