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The working principle of the plunger metering pump
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Piston metering pumps are volumetric pumps, which are available in accordance with the requirements of the process, with the stroke can be adjusted in the 0 ~ 100% of the quantitative transport of various liquids, and the transmission medium of the measurement accuracy range of + / - 1% of the general machinery The The plunger metering pump can be sucked and discharged directly from the working medium (yellow) by reciprocating the piston. When the piston and seal are in contact with the media, select the appropriate plunger material and seal form to ensure the ideal performance of the pump during operation. Plunger metering pumps include two types: valve and non-valve pumps. Piston metering pump as a result of simple structure, high temperature, pressure, widely used in the petrochemical industry. The plunger material is stainless steel and oxidized ceramic. Oxidation of ceramic with corrosion resistance, high hardness characteristics. The working principle of the plunger metering pump

The plunger metering pump works mainly by the plunger principle, which introduces the plunger pump with two check valves in the opposite direction, the plunger cylinder appears in a negative pressure when a direction, and then a check valve opens the liquid to be sucked into the cylinder , Plunger into the other direction, squeeze the liquid after another check valve opens, the suction cylinder of the liquid is expelled. This form of work forms a continuous oil supply after continuous movement. After the cam convex part has passed, under the action of the spring force, the plunger moves downward, and the column space of the fort (called the oil pump room) produces a degree of vacuum when the column is inserted into the oil hole on the plunger sleeve, Of the oil pump, the oil into the oil pump room, the oil plunger movement to the next checkpoint, the end of the oil.

The working principle of the plunger metering pump

When the camshaft turns to the cam projection, the plunger spring is compressed, the piston moves upward, the fuel is pressed, and some of the fuel is returned to the oil chamber of the pump. When the piston on the top of the cover is set on the edge of the oil hole, due to the clearance of the plunger and the barrel is very small (0.0015 - 0.0025 mm), the plunger pump chamber seals the top of the oil chamber, a plunger continues to rise, The hydraulic elevator is quick, the hydraulic pump> the oil valve spring force + high pressure tubing residual stress, the oil valve, high pressure diesel through the exhaust valve into the high pressure tubing, through the injector into the combustion chamber. Plunger oil up, the column into the column (supply side) and the return hole sleeve, low pressure oil pump chamber and the plunger head hole and radial hole and groove communication, plunger metering pump hydraulic drop, the oil valve spring force The role of the rapid closure, to stop the supply of oil. The plunger must also be up, when the cam convex part is turned, the piston under the action of the spring again down. The next cycle begins.