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Shanxi sampling small submersible pump pass rate of 64%
Edit:Lianyungang Mi Lu Luo Pump Industry Co., Ltd   UpDate:2016-07-13

According to the first quarter of 2012, Shanxi Province, product quality supervision and spot checks, Shanxi Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has announced the 25 batches of small submersible pump quality supervision and inspection results. The results show that qualified 16 batches, sampling pass rate of 64%. Substandard 9 batches, are small and medium enterprises in other provinces and cities production.
Spot checks found in the main quality problems: First, in terms of security, grounding measures exist hidden, do not meet the standard requirements. Small submersible pump in the use of more mobile, the use of personnel will contact or lift the pump, the use of such products, easy to lead to electric shock accidents. Second, lead the cable is short, fail to meet the standard requirements, to the user caused inconvenience. If the user is not properly grounded, the pump may cause leakage after operation, easily lead to safety accidents. Third, the efficiency of the pump does not meet the standard requirements. Inefficient will be a lot of waste of energy, does not meet the energy requirements. Fourth, the pump flow head can not meet the standard requirements. The main reason for the existence of the problem is that some of the enterprise quality awareness is weak, not according to the standard requirements of production and testing; some enterprises in order to reduce costs, intended to shorten the pump cable, use does not meet the requirements of the material; The quality of the goods is not strict. As a result of small-scale submersible pump manufacturers for the assembly-type enterprises, parts are purchased, the company did not strictly control the quality of external control, there is no regular performance test, so that the flow, head indicators of tolerance. There are deliberately high flow head, in order to obtain high profits. (China Water Pump Trading Network Editor)
In this small submersible pump sampling, by the Luliang City from the stone area Wang Xin Distribution Department of the motor distribution of the Taizhou Taisho Pump Co., Ltd. production qdx1.5-32-0.75 single-phase submersible pump, the grounding measures, The pump leads to the cable, the efficiency, the specified point flow and the head are not meet the standard requirements.