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Small Chassis JX Piston Dosing Pump
Small Chassis JX Piston Dosing Pump

The structure and characteristics of JX-type plunger metering pump for small machine base :

The pump consists of motor, gear box, cylinder and other three parts.

The gearbox components are composed of a bow-type connecting rod cam mechanism, a stroke adjustment mechanism and a speed ratio worm gear mechanism; a high adjustment stroke is carried out by rotating the adjustment handwheel to change the distance between the front and the rear of the bow connecting rod to change the plunger (piston) The purpose of the trip.

The cylinder block is composed of a pump head, a suction valve group, a discharge valve group and a plunger packing seal.

How it works: The motor drives the worm by the coupling and decelerates the spindle and the eccentric wheel by the worm gear. The reciprocating motion is driven by the eccentric wheel in the sliding adjustment seat of the bow connecting rod. When the plunger moves backward, The suction valve is closed, the discharge valve is opened and the liquid is discharged when the plunger moves further into the plunger. When the plunger moves forward, the suction valve is closed and the discharge valve is opened. The formation of continuous pressure, quantitative discharge of liquid.

Note: ① The series of pumps can be used in multiple series, the table as a single parameter.
② lubricating oil lubrication all the driving components, built-in pressure release system.
③ with the motor: power: 0.37 ~ 0.55kw Y series of ordinary or YB series explosion-proof motor
Model: YO7114B5 JW7114B5 n = 1420r / min
Or: Y801-4B5 YB801-4B5 n = 1420r / min
④ machine weight: 50 ~ 70kg