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Small Chassis JW Piston Dosing Pump Series Pump
Small Chassis JW Piston Dosing Pump Series Pump

Piston metering pump is a common type of valve and no valve pump. Piston metering pump because of its simple structure and high temperature and high pressure and other advantages are widely used in the field of petrochemicals. For high viscosity media in high pressure In addition to the lack of a conventional piston pump, a valveless rotary plunger metering pump is more and more attention, is widely used in syrup, chocolate, cement grinding aids and petroleum additives such as high viscosity medium metering. The plunger metering pump is subject to a number of limitations in the application of high-pollution-proof fluid metering applications due to the structural weakness of the metered medium and the in-pump lubricant.


  1. Installation, easy to operate;

  2. Small size, light weight, no noise;

  3. Accurate measurement, can be manually or automatically adjust the flow;

  4. Applicable to purification, sewage treatment, laboratory and other conditions of small main amount of liquid;

  5. Motor power: 0.12-0.25KW;

  6. Weight: 10-12kg.